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Laura Beth Reynolds


May 6, 1993 – October 31, 2009

Laura Beth Reynolds- this beautiful 16 year old girl was killed on Halloween night 2009. Kenneth Scott Blake was driving down the wrong way of a divided highway (24 hwy westbound) in Independence, MO, 1 mile from her home. Kenneth was nearly 3 times the legal limit/BAC, coming from an underage drinking party hosted by Sandra Triebel (merely slapped on the hand with 40 hours of community service and some probation). Laura and her friends were driving home from a movie around 10pm that night. Kenneth was speeding down the wrong side of the highway, barely missing multiple cars, when he finally smashed into Laura’s side of the car at the apex of a curve, killing her at the scene. Her friends fortunately had survivable injuries (physical and mental) while Kenneth Blake walked away completed unscathed. As she struggled to take her last breaths, trapped in this heap of metal,  Kenneth screamed “I didn’t do anything, they rear-ended me” all while attempting to leave the scene. Local residents held Kenneth in place until police arrived to arrest him. Judge Charles Atwell suspended Blake’s involuntary manslaughter sentence (due to Kenneth’s age and “how prison will affect him as a future part of society”) and became eligible for parole immediately in August 2011. The parole board stated “we will keep him as long as we can,” which is a total of 4 years. Blake is currently in jail for vehicular assault, for the injuries the other two girls in the car suffered. Laura’s family cannot even attend or be a part of his parole hearings because he is not in jail for killing Laura. He will be out in November 2013, possibly eligible for parole again sooner. Blake will be 23 years old when he is released. Laura would be 20.

God only knows what her last thoughts were, what she felt, and suffered. We have to live with this thought daily and Laura lost her life, while Kenneth has the rest of his life…

Join us in a 5k run/walk to remember Laura Beth Reynolds. The second worst tragedy, next to losing Laura, is the world forgetting her.  Let’s not allow this to happen.

Let’s cultivate prevention and raise drunk driving awareness together. Laura’s death was 100% preventable. This didn’t have to happen.